MIA GLOBAL is committed to leave minimal carbon footprint as possible and relentlessly pursue a ”SAVE THE PLANET” agenda.

How ? Although the task is gargantuan, MIA GLOBAL believes in one step at a time. We chose to focus and contribute to the SAVE THE PLANET agenda by producing clean energy and clean food.


Energy is necessary to our daily lives: from transportation, to communication and to heating or cooling our homes. MIA GLOBAL envisions a decarbonized future by producing sustainable and affordable energy sources. The engineers at MIA GLOBAL have been working on the ideal medium of hydrogen (H2) to capture and transport clean energy from renewable sources. By using a fuel cell from our partner company MAGNUM, our engineers combine hydrogen and oxygen (air) to supply electricity. The result is not only a powerful energy source able to power a car or a truck, but also clean water so essential for our existence.


Energy is essential for our bodily functions: we need to nourish our bodies with the best and healthiest the earth has to offer. Our cars, mobiles, and houses are not the only ones necessitating sustainable energy sources, so does our body.
Clean food is food closest to its natural state, from scratch and away from chemical processing. Our bodies reject naturally synthetic ingredients packed with pesticides and chemicals. The nutrition experts at MIA GLOBAL have created clean farms for clean eating. The human body needs plentiful vitamins and minerals as well as high quality proteins and fats. We strive for: stronger immune system, increased energy levels and healthy weight and brain functions.

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