mia, the ideal electric car designed for the city

The mia is conceived to simplify urban and suburban driving. It is a common-sense car, with a range of innovative solutions to make daily life easier. Ultra-compact, silent, economical, zero-emissions, and with a range of up to 125 km, the mia is ideal for taking your children to school each day, going to work, doing the shopping or heading off for a week-end drive. A pioneering concept in the urban electric car market, the good-natured mia is a head-turner on the road.


Welcome on board the mia!

As soon as you sit in, it is immediately apparent that the mia is a lot more spacious than it appears from the outside. Its large windows fill the cabin with light. The generous individual seats are comfort itself. The airy dashboard seems to float in space.


  • Ultra compact: 2.87 m

Measuring only 2.87 m in length, mia offers unrivaled maneuverability in traffic. Nipping in and out of narrow streets, its tight turning radius (4.30 m) makes it ideal for tight spaces while parking problems become a thing of the past.



  • A 100 % electric car
    Powerhouse: The mia is powered by an asynchronous electric engine with a power of 18 kW (24 bhp). It delivers maximum torque of 58 Nm (0 to 5,000 rpm) and maximum speed of 100 km/h.

  • Choose from two batteries: 8 kWh or 12 kWh
    The mia is equipped as standard with an 8 kWh lithium iron phosphate battery with a range of 80 kilometers. As an option, the standard battery may be replaced by a more powerful 12 kWh battery increasing the range to 125 kilometers.

  • Autonomy

8 kWh battery
autonomy of 80 km, standard NEDC
extra-urban cycle.
12 kWh battery
autonomy  of 125 km, standard NEDC
extra-urban cycle.


  • Generously roomy: 3 seats with a central driver’s seat

Uniquely, mia’ s three-seater configuration places the driver centrally in the front, with the two passengers seated behind. They have record leg room, without sacrificing the boot’s 260-litre usable volume. Passengers enjoy an unobstructed view of the road, not blocked by seats placed in front of them, ensuring that all the car’s occupants have a unique driving experience.

Centrally positioned, the driver has a panoramic view, especially useful for maneuvering in the city’s streets. The configuration allows for two large storage spaces to the right and left of the driver. Ideal for keys, mobile phone, mp3 player, handbag, and everything else you pick up on the way! The central driving position also means an extra safety plus, as the driver can always get out on the pavement side. 


  • Ultra accessible with sliding doors

The side sliding doors on both sides ensure convenient access, particularly in parking lots with very narrow spaces. The floor and the roof are designed with cut-outs to make it easier to get in and out. It couldn’t be simpler: you step in to the mia and sit down. This unique layout also avoids the need for contortions when installing children in a child seat, an advantage parents are bound to appreciate.


  • So simple and yet so silent
    The mia is easy to drive. You simply turn the key, press the direction of travel selection button and away you go. There is no gearbox: press the accelerator and mia takes off in impressive silence.


  • Quick and easy to charge
    he mia can be plugged in to any 220 V and 16A socket to recharge, at home, in work or on the move. · The standard 8 kWh battery can be fully charged in only three hours. · The 12 kWh battery charges fully in a mere five hours.

  • Express recharge
    As there is no memory effect for lithium iron phosphate batteries, you have the option of quick, partial recharges at any time. One 10-minute recharge provides a range of 8 km. The batteries in the mia carry a three-year or 50,000 km warranty (whichever comes first).



  • See video : the mia is a lot more spacious than it appears

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