Four wheel electric forklift series Leader in the lithium-ion forklift industry

High efficiency and low energy consumption

The forklift is also equipped with an intelligent and efficient BMS power management system and advanced AC motors, as well as a highly intelligent electronic control system to minimize the forklift's energy consumption.


Advanced lithium battery technology

Relying on the research and production advantages of MIA lithium batteries, MIA FORKY focuses on the integrated development of lithium battery systems and drive systems, as well as the platformization development of electric forklifts. It provides one-stop solutions for intelligent warehousing logistics, intelligent lithium forklifts, internal material handling, and warehousing.



Four Wheel Electric Forklift Parameter Table
Features Model     CPD CPD
Drive/h     Electric Electric
Manipulation form     Drivingstyle Drivingstyle
Load capacity   Q kg 3500 3800
load center c mm 500 500
Over hang x mm F:480/R:435 F:480/R:435
Wheelbase y mm 1650 1750
Weight Total weight (including battery)   kg 4640 4940
Wheel Wheel type     Pneumatictire/Solid tire Pneumatictire/Solid tire
Front tyre   in 28X9-15 28X9-15
Rear tyre   in 200/50-10 200/50-10
Number of front/rear wheels,X=driving wheel     2x/2 2x/2
Front track width blO mm 1050 1188
Reartrackwidth bll mm 960 1000
Parameter Tilt angle F/R a/b mm 6/9 6/9
Gantry Min height h1 mm 2011 2011
Free lift height h2 mm 120 120
Lift Height h3 mm 3000 3000
Maximum height of gantry h4 mm 4140 4450
Overhead guard height h6 mm 2195 2133
Seat height h7 mm 1130 1130
Height of towing attachment h10 mm 360 360
Total length l1 mm 3654 3744
Length(Excluding forks) l2 mm 2584 2685
Width b1 mm 1238 1238
Fork size (LXWXT) s/e/1 mm 50x122x1220 50x122x1220
Minimum turning radius Wa mm 2250 50x122x1220
Performance Travelspeed,Load/no-liveload   km/h 13/15 13/15
Liftingspeed,Load/no-liveload   mm/s 315/460 360/440
Descendingspeed,Load/no-live load   mm/s 360/390 360/390
Max traction force,Load/no-live load   kN 13/10 25/20
Max Climb Capability,Load/no-live load   % 12/15 12/15
Braking form     Hydraulic braking Hydraulic braking
Drive Drivemotorpower,S2=60min   Kw 11.5 13/15
Liftingmotorpower,S3=15%   Kw 15 360/440
Battery capacity   V/Ah/s 76.8/300/450/600
Battery weight   kg 290/435/580
Other Electric control type     AC AC
Hydraulicsystem working pressure   Mpa 13.8 13.8
Noise atthe driver's location   dB(A) <70 <70
  Mode of traction - - - -


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