MIA GLOBAL together with its technological partner MAGNUM Fuel Cell (Korea) and Blue Rock Energy Technology (USA) have developed hydrogen products for not only B2B usage but also for end consumers.

Hydrogen for :

MIA GLOBAL seeks to contribute to hydrogen

According to the Hydrogen Council of the World Economic Forum,  hydrogen is set to  power more than 400 million cars, 15 to 20 million trucks, and around 5 million buses in 2050. Hydrogen will also power a quarter of passenger ships and a fifth of freight trains. But hydrogen 's role in energy transition is not only limited to transportation. Its role in the distribution of energy as well as decarbonization of heat and power will increase.


MIA GLOBAL seeks to contribute to hydrogen as a means towards accelerated energy transition by focusing on transportation and stationary fuel cells for powering buildings and houses. MIA GLOBAL distributes exclusively proprietary fuel cell trucks, fuel cell stacks and hydrogen generators for retail usage.



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